What are the main components of an assignment?

An assignment is an elaborately written academic paper, that showcases the original and independent research done by a student, and the conclusion thus drawn from the research. A student is generally meant to submit an assignment towards the end of their academic program, as one of the criteria to get their final certificate. 

HND stands for Higher national diploma, it is a vocational training-based program, which is a part of a Higher Nationals suite of qualifications. The purpose of the courses imparted under this program is to provide hands-on training to the students, to make them gain the knowledge and skill-set that would help them start working in their desired field, right after the completion of their course. 

At the completion of their HND course, a student can either choose to join the workforce directly, in their chosen or they can continue their studies in a degree course, as compared to the initial two years of a bachelor’s degree. Now, in order to finish their HND course a student has to submit their HND Assignment, and writing an assignment is a tough job. 

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The following are the main components of an assignment:-

  1. Title: The Title forms the first page of the assignment. It gives the readers an idea as to what they are about to read. The title section of an assignment contains the topic of the assignment, along with the tagline if any. This page also contains the name of the institution, the name, and logo of the writer, etc. This page has to be written as per the format.
  1. Introduction: This chapter of the assignment has to explain to the readers what is the topic of the assignment, what is its aim, what are its objectives, what was your rationale behind choosing the topic etc. 
  1. Literature Review: The literature review forms the 2nd chapter of the Assignment; it comes right after the chapter. A literature review is basically a summary of all research papers and documents relevant to your assignment, that exists already.
  1. Research Methodology: This chapter talks about the type of data; primary or secondary, quantitative or qualitative, etc. that you collected for your assignment. Here you also describe the methods you used to collect the data, and the limitations your research has.
  1. Data Analysis: In order to find answers, validate theories, or test hypotheses, data is gathered and evaluated. In this chapter, you analyze the data that you collected and interpret it as objectively as possible.  
  1. Discussion: In the discussion part, you should examine the main points of your research, any implications for other fields of study, and any potential changes that could be done to better address the issues raised by your study.
  1. References: In this part, cite all the sources of secondary data that you used in your assignment. Your institute might follow a particular set of guidelines for writing the references, remember to follow these guidelines thoroughly for writing the references.
  1. Conclusion: Give a succinct overview of its important themes. Show your reader how the connections between your views, the evidence you provided, and the examples you utilized fit together. This section will also state what are the future and further scope of research in your assignment, and what bearing those limitations have on your research.

So, these are the main components of an assignment. 
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