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What exactly is the Scottish Vocational Qualification Diploma? The Scottish Vocational Qualification Diploma, or SVQD, is a qualification in Scotland that allows candidates to earn credits toward college or university degrees by passing their respective vocational courses, which are offered by institutions, including colleges and universities. These vocational courses allow students to focus on their specific interests and career goals without worrying about general education requirements, ultimately freeing up more time to pursue their passion through an accredited course. Developed to complement the National Curriculum, the Scottish Vocational Qualification Diploma provides students practical experience and knowledge of their chosen career path. The SVQ is a work-related qualification for students aged 14–19 (school year 10–13) introduced in 2000. It sits alongside other secondary school qualifications such as the Standard Grade and Higher Still exams and the new Higher exam and Advanced Higher exam. All secondary schools in Scotland must offer the Scottish Vocational Qualification as part of their curricula so that all Scottish students have access to work-related education throughout their time at school.

What is SVQ?

In Scotland, a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) is a work-related qualification at National Qualification Framework level 4 that has been designed and developed to allow young people and adults to gain practical skills and knowledge through training programmes. SVQ are available in most employment sectors, including construction, engineering, hair and beauty, business and administration. There are around 50 different qualifications which cover practically every aspect of day-to-day working life, from human resource management to business leadership. As for the adult education system, there are two main versions of SVQ for 14-16-year-olds: the Young Apprentice (YA) Award and the Young Developer (YD) Diploma. These offer 16 hours of education per week in the workplace with vocational subjects taught alongside academic subjects, including other subjects like maths, science and social studies along with English.

Achieving the award means they can progress onto GCSEs, while the diploma allows them to move on to an SVQ course or college course. For adults over 18 years old, four levels depending on the level of study required: Entry Level One (EL1), Intermediate Level One (IL1), Advanced Level One (AL1) and Higher Level One (HL1). All four levels can be studied part-time, so if you have commitments outside of learning, this could be a perfect solution.

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What does it cover?

It is one of several possible vocational qualifications in Scotland. The SVQ focuses on developing skills in specific job roles; it covers critical aspects of health and safety, numeracy, literacy and ICT. At level 3, it is equivalent to an ordinary National Certificate or diploma (NVQ). However, SVQs have undergone substantial changes over recent years, including being updated to reflect more workplace-based practical learning. Since 2006 all SVQs have been mapped to SCQF levels 1-4. A level 3 qualification could be considered equivalent to NVQ Level 2 in England & Wales and Advanced Higher Grade in Scotland.

 There are 14 vocational qualifications to choose from within four different sectors, including business and administration; customer service; health and care; and work in IT and communications. SVQs are delivered by various training providers, including colleges, schools, local authorities, private companies and through workplace training. It does not require you to belong to a particular age group SVQ course as it is not dependent on a student’s age group for accessing but more about what skills you already have.

 To achieve an SVQ in Scotland, you must complete two assignments. The first is your Unit Assignment which can be completed in college or at work. Your Unit Assignment comprises several elements, including your unit knowledge, workplace task and portfolio. After successfully completing your Unit Assignment, you will be invited to attend an interview consisting of working on problems using workplace resources and providing feedback on your performance during your workplace tasks. You then choose one of three options for the second assignment (your Extended Assignment), which can last up to three months from one day or more to complete depending on its content.

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The Scottish Vocational Qualification Diploma (SVQ) is a qualification that helps learners improve their career prospects by gaining essential vocational and transferable skills. It’s equivalent to five or six GCSEs in grades A*-C. In order to be awarded an SVQ, learners have to complete three assignments under different headings as shown below in Table

1: – A sample of each type of assignment is given in the above discussion

2. As mentioned earlier, these assignments are very important and show evidence that a candidate can take responsibility for his or her actions and has learnt from experience. Completing them will show candidates’ maturity level thus making them eligible for new career opportunities.

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