Refund Policy

At Diploma Assignments, we have flexible refund policies which will gratify all clients. For instance, if you decide to withdraw our service after the payment then the amount to be reimbursed will depend on how much work is completed up to that point of time. The amount that will be paid back to you will be the amount after excluding the price that has been done so far. On the other hand, if we’ve infringed any of the company’s commitments, you will be authorised to get a partial or whole refund. Take a look at our other refund and money-back policies.

1.   The writer is confirmed, and a little less than half of the deadline has gone but you have made up your mind to cancel the order. In such circumstances, the reimbursement sum differs from 100% to 75%, to cover the expenses of our efforts in our services.

2.   The writer was confirmed, and more than half of the submission deadline has gone, but you want to cancel the order. The sum of repayment can differ between 50%-0% to compensate for the writer’s efforts and the company’s services to process your request for order cancellation.

3.  In circumstances like deferments, late delivery or surpassing the stipulated deadline due to some inevitable reasons on the behalf of our company, you reserve the right to bid for a reimbursement.

4.   If delays take place due to fault on the customer’s part, then they are not eligible to get a refund. Sometimes delays take place because of not enough project-related details being uploaded in the customer order form or uploaded too late by the customer. That’s the reason it is always perfect to refer to all materials pertinent to the task, containing any extra sources that must be used all at once when placing the order originally.

5.   If disputes arise like a client is not gratified with the standard and specifications of the task delivered by us and asks for reimbursements, the company would be indulged to take the concerns into account and fix them accordingly. The customer can demand rectification till 30/45/60 days respectively, from the first submission date. If still she/he is not happy, she/he reserves the right to demand reimbursement by offering appropriate proof/documentary evidence in a week of getting the task. The repayment request will be accepted or repudiated on the basis of the enquiry or probe results which depend on the facts gathered in the case and documented proof delivered by the customer.

6.   In case of plagiarism issues are found in the content which has never happened in our journey of excellence so far, a third-party certifiable report should be produced by the client within 72 hours of getting the work. In the circumstance the claim is validated, the company will issue a full reimbursement without any delay. 7.           There are also several instances when we don’t give refunds and customers too cannot claim for it. It encompasses receiving lesser grades than expected, amendment in submission deadline where refunds due to delays and the recalculation of the price are not applicable with the dates differing, and the existence of errors even after editing, proofreading, and formatting because our experts do not carry out content alterations in the actual draft and only meant to execute advanced rectifications.