Qualitative And Quantitative Dissertation Research Topics For Students

In order to talk about Qualitative And Quantitative Dissertation Research Topics For Students , first let’s us get to know what do Qualitative Research and Qualitative Research mean :

Quantitative Research :-

  • Graphs and numbers are used to represent quantitative research.
  •  It is used to validate or put to the test beliefs and presumptions.
  • A topic’s generalizable facts can be established through this kind of study.
  • Experiments, observations that are quantified, and surveys with closed-ended questions are examples of common quantitative procedures.

Qualitative Research :-

  • The results of qualitative research are written up.
  • It aids in understanding ideas, experiences, or concepts.
  • You can gain comprehensive knowledge about poorly understood subjects by the type of research you are doing.
  • Common qualitative methods include interviews with open-ended inquiries, observations reported in words, and literature reviews that investigate concepts and theories.

Which One To Choose, In Order To Write A Dissertation ?

According to the definitions given above, quantitative data is information about quantities, or numbers, while qualitative data is descriptive and relates to phenomena like language that can be seen but cannot be measured.

Together, quantitative and qualitative research is effective. The qualitative component of the study often starts out by examining values that must be measured in the subsequent quantitative phase. Thus, qualitative research can contribute to increasing the value and effectiveness of quantitative research investigations.While quantitative research offers factual data across many respondent groups that can lead to precise recommendations with metrics that can be used as controls to assess the effectiveness of actions, qualitative research may provide a diagnostic understanding of what is wrong.

The two strategies can work together and complement one another nicely. When nothing is known about the issue, the first step of a study may use a qualitative approach. The preceding qualitative discoveries can aid in the interpretation of the quantitative data later on when quantitative approaches are added. Alternately, a study might need to start with a quantitative survey or analysis, then move on to a qualitative section that helps dig deeper and extract meaning from the subject under study.

You can select a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed techniques approach for the majority of study issues. Which style you select will rely on a variety of factors, including your research question(s), whether you’re conducting experimental, correlational, or descriptive research, and practical factors like time, money, data availability, and access to respondents.

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First, let us get to know, What is HND?

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Following Are Some Ways In Which One Can Choose Qualitative And Quantitative Dissertation Research Topics, for their HND Assignments:-

  • Recognizing your preferences in the field you have chosen
  • Recognizing how your individual experiences relate to your field of study
  • Knowledge of your favourite coursework
  • Becoming aware of the theories and ideas that fascinate you
  • Identifying concepts you have studied, are curious about, and want to learn more about
  • Knowledge of the kind of data you prefer working with Knowledge of the research methodologies you enjoy using
  • Knowing what you want to do with your profession when you graduate
  • Considering the study’s scope
  • Evaluation of student needs and interests
  • Critical Analysis of Current Literature
  • Research Gaps Identification
  • Identifying Potential Value-Addition on Your End
  • The Topic Statement is Decided
  • Defining the topic’s scope in detail


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