Privacy Policy

At Diploma Assignments, we give foremost priority to safeguarding your data from different fraudulent activities and cybercrimes. It is because we trust and respect you. Our privacy policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions and outlines ways we use your private data, access and modernise this information. It further states your data is stored in our server for order completion, marketing purposes, research and development, preventing frauds, conducting surveys and improving customer support services. Let’s take a look at our privacy policies in brief.

  1. Our website is HTTPS encrypted via Transport Layer Security protocol to protect your browsing activities irrespective of accessing our website. Thus you can use the website information exactly the way you want.
  1. We will stock your data, which may include private information, during the period necessary to provide you with the services, conform to relevant laws, resolve disagreements with any parties, and for other resolutions to carry out our business, identify and avert fraud and other prohibited activities.
  1. Data related to online transactions are kept confidential. Whether you make the payment through PayPal or Stripe or debit/credit cards, each of the gateways is corroborated by the statutory laws that govern and regulate online payments and 100% acquiescent with legal compulsions.
  1. We gather user data with automated cookies, web beacons, analytics and others. Whenever you visit our websites, specific pieces of data are automatically stored and recorded and we may preserve or use that record to enable user-to-user communication and easy accessibility.
  1. We never disclose or reveal information about our esteemed clients to third parties. We just store or retain them for advertising and sales-related purposes so that in case there is a launch of a new service or discounts being announced you can take advantage of them. Even if there are contests such as sweepstakes and other offers, you can easily reap benefits. The data collected is also stored for processing your transaction and financial data.