How difficult is it to get admission into King’s College London? An In-depth Analysis

The UK has always been a sought-after place in the world among students seeking quality higher education. The prestigious universities located in the country are leaders and known for their excellence in research in all academic fields such as humanities, social science, science, engineering, management, media, healthcare, law and others. The eligibility criteria vary from one university to another depending on the courses and academic levels. The King’s college London is a premium educational institute offering globally accredited degrees and qualifications at UG and PG levels. But the entry requirements are strict for the students. If you’re looking to take admission in the college, here are a few tips offered by the specialists of HND Diploma Assignment Help.

Take a look at the parameters and criteria closely

The eligibility criteria and entry requirements of the college differs for UG and PG programs. If you’re looking to enrol in an UG program, you must know that the acceptance rate was 13%. Furthermore, there is a projected escalation since 2013. The average acceptance rate for undergraduate admissions at King’s College London stands at 57%.

For enrolling in the UG courses, it is mandatory to appear and crack GPA prerequisites and SAT exams. For non-UK students, passing the English proficiency test in the form of IELTS, TOEFL, Level/IGCSE/GCSE grade C, etc. is mandatory. For more tips, connect to the experts of NVQ Course Assignment Help.

On the other hand, the postgraduate programs have a stricter acceptance rate. It depends on diverse factors like program level as well as the entry requirements for academic research. Things are competitive at the PG level and the projected acceptance rate is approximately 47%. The popular courses at the PG level are (M.Sc.) Cyber Security, Master of Laws (L.L.M), Master of Science (M.Sc.) etc.

Each subject has different eligibility requirements

King’s College London offers diverse research programs with each of them having different eligibility criteria. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

Master of Science (M. Sc) Cyber Security

For taking admission to the MSC programs, you need to possess a Bachelor’s degree in at least two subjects including physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, mathematics and computer science having a minimum average of 60%.

Master of Laws (L.L.M) International Business Law

If you want to take admission to the LLM international business law course, it is mandatory for you to possess an undergraduate degree in law with a high overall aggregate of 65%.

Master of Arts (M.A) Big Data in Culture and Society

It is obligatory for you to possess a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, English or any social science-related course. The minimum percentage of marks to be attained is 60%.

Documents you need to submit

The process of certification is lengthy at the college as you need to submit the following documents:

•          Authorised verification of the updated grades of your secondary education

•          Evidence of all academic records

•          SOP and LORs

•          Evidence of your aptitude in the English language (if your first language isn’t English)

•          Latest CV/Resume

•          A passport & Visa for studying in the UK

•          References

•          Bank Statements

Apply online

•          You need to appear for the standardised examinations within a minimum of 6 months before sending your application for getting fully equipped.

•          Undertake scrupulous research about the college and make sure it aligns with the academic and career objectives you want to achieve by learning here.

•          Obtain the obligatory transcripts, mark sheets and accreditations from your previous academic institutions. Get more tips from the specialists of Diploma Assignment Help if you’re confused.

No doubt it is difficult, competitive and strict for you to get entry into King’s College London. Go through the eligibility criteria and provisions in the blog to crack your application for the college successfully and make the whole task easier. Best of luck!

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