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It’s no secret that Higher National Diploma (HND) programs are highly sought-after in the UK to build a lucrative career. Since the HND course includes huge curriculum and topics, you always need to focus on your studies to obtain a valuable degree. More prominently, you also require writing academic assignments on any topic allocated by your professor. If you’re one of the students undertaking HND and have swiftly enrolled on the specialised course, then you may not know about the intricacy of the assignments.

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As we have mentioned that our HND Assignment Help provides services for different subject areas, we think providing an example of our assignment will help you to make feel reliant on our services. So, in the following section, we are going to provide some examples of HND assignments that have been developed by our Diploma Assignment Help experts.

Example of business management assignment

The expert team members of the HND Assignment Help have conducted an assignment which was based on the services provided by the Airbnb organization. Developing strategies for improving the services can be considered one of the major parts of that assignment. Generating a VIRO framework was one of the major parts of the concerning assignment. However, there are a few business management students who might face different issues while developing the VIRO framework. So, if you are dealing with such problems then you must contact the team members of HND Assignment Help. We are providing an example of the VIRO framework in the following section of this article.

“Identification of the Resources”

“Is the resource Valuable?”

“Is it Rare?”

“Is it Imitable?”

“Is it Organized?”

“Impact of the resource” (Temporary  or Permanent)  

Customer service






The financial resources 












Image of the organization 












Development of Airbnb






Fig 1: Example of VIRO framework

Example of Law assignment

If you are a student of law then you must know that conducting a Law assignment is not an easy task. You will be required to maintain a logical approach while analysing different aspects of the law assignment. Well, if you are having difficulties conducting our law assignment, then you must contact the experts from the HND Assignment Help service. We utilise different types of referencing styles while conducting the law assignments such as IRAC format, OSCOLA referencing style and so on. So, let’s have a glance at different types of referencing approaches maintained by our assignment help experts.

Example of OSCOLA referencing

parliamentary predominance towards the European Union

As a result of the UK’s entry into the European Union, there was a significant threat to parliamentary authority. Before the passage of the European Communities Act of 1972, the UK was aware that restrictions were being placed on its sovereignty. [1]





Problems related to breach of contract

As per regulations of the UK the guilty party must provide compensation to the other party.

The victim must be required to  show the appropriate documents For taking the legal step against the guilty party.

Will help to obtain justice according to the consequence.

The problems related to providing compensation

According to the compensation Act 2006, the opposition party must required to provide full financial compensation from the other party 

The opposition party must collect the appropriate documentation to claim the appropriate compensation. 

It will help to compensate for the issues.

Inappropriate documents 

According to Data Protection Act 2018, implemented the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPRevery business organisation must be required to maintain the principle of data protection regulations.

Gather the appropriate evidences

Will support to overcome different issues associated to illegal practices. 


Fig 2: Example of IRAC reference

Example of tourism and hospitality assignment

Here, we are presenting another example of an assignment which was based on tourism industries. The assignment requires an analysis of the focus area, here is an example of a focus area that has been developed by our online HND assignment help experts, let’s have a glance at it

Focus Area




1. Strategic crisis management in the tourism industry

Wut, Xu and Wong, 2021

This paper focuses on strategic crisis management as a vital ingredient to manage sustainable tourism development. One of the key methods used in this study is questionnaire design. In other words, a structured questionnaire was designed for this study and then it was distributed among the expert panel for individual investigation. A risk map was created based on the final results. 

The findings of this study are associated with the pilot assessment in relation to a complex set of heterogeneous risks that have severely affected tourism and the overall economy of Croatia on a season-to-season basis. A proactive risk management approach is needed to be adopted by Croatia at the domestic level, which must be embodied in the national tourism development strategy. 

2. Sustainable and safe tourism in covid19 pandemic

Chang, McAleer and Ramos, 2020

This study has focused on the long-term consequences covid19 diseases for individuals that additionally impacted the international travel, tourism demand and hospitality industry. In addition, this study has also focused on the investigation of how the tourism industry recovered from the covid19 pandemic by following a sustainable practice. Moreover, this paper critically presents a charter for tourism, travel and hospitality in the post covid19 with a special contribution of covid19 pandemic.   

The findings of this paper critically present a 10-point charter in relation to sustainable tourism practice in the post covid19 pandemic. Different charters have been selected in this study, for example, social distancing, travel and entry restrictions, personal protection equipment (PPE), the medical and health situation, the transformation of forthcoming crisis, transport systems, major tourism events, trade-offs, hotel accommodation, industry knowledge and experience.

Fig 3: Focus area analysis table

We hope this example has helped you enough to rely on the services provided by our cheap HND assignment writing solutions.

Concluding note

If you want to know further details on our services then you must have to visit our official website. Visiting our website will help you to know more about the services provided by online HND assignment help.

[1] The Implications of Devolution for England, ‘First Secretary of State and Leader of the House of Commons by Command of Her Majesty’ (Gov. UK, December 2014) <https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/387598/implications_of_devolution_for_england_accessible.pdf> accessed 6th October 2022


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