Excellent HND Assignment Research Topics for You

If you’ve enrolled in an HND course and have been allocated a research paper by your professor, then the first step for you would be to find an interesting topic. But that can be a daunting task considering the limited time in your hands. Since the quality of the project depends on the availability of information online, you need to zero in on the topic carefully. It should neither be too broad nor too narrow and should give you enough scope to come up with your own research. Here are some topic ideas on diverse subjects accumulated by the specialists of HND Assignment Help.

Business Management

Finding decent topics on business management is really tough. There are plenty of ideas available in marketing, finance, human resources, international business etc. Let’s take a look at them in brief:

  1. Strategies for bringing improvement in the administrative or managerial efficiency in the Brewery Industry: An in-depth exploration
  2. The influence of management information systems on the productivity of a firm or organization’s performance
  3. The impact of compensation benefits on the performance of personnel in an organization
  4. Sales strategies adopted by the fast food industry and how it impacts consumer response
  5. A comprehensive study on the management problems faced by the manufacturing industries located in Nigeria
  6. An exploration of the link  between the industrial growth in Nigeria and the repositioning of banks

Computer Science

The advancement in technology has given rise to plenty of new ideas which can be utilised in computer science research papers. Here are some of them recommended by the experts of Assignment Help in the UK.

  1. The impact of testing software on English, biology, and Mathematics
  2. The significance of educational games in primary schools and their design and implementation
  3. Design and execution of online student payment systems
  4. Design and execution of online hospital management system
  5. Design and execution of staff auditing system
  6. Development of automated course assignment and  routine management system
  7. A useful and resourceful method of video segmentation and summarization for surveillance safety devices in a networked setting
  8. Design and development of a computer-based seaport billing system – a case study of Nigeria Port authority Apapa, Lagos State


Choosing a topic for a research paper in engineering is never easy. You need to brainstorm a lot. Here are some good ones put together by the experts of  HND assignment help.

  1. Evaluation of various kinds of foundation and their method of building.
  2. Appropriateness of obtainable laterite material in Ilorin East local government area for construction of road
  3. Impact of street trading on traffic performance and regulation
  4. A comparative study of the compressive power of concrete built with sand  fine aggregate vs. chipping dust as fine aggregate
  5. Maintenance of city road and rail network


Nursing is a dignified profession in healthcare but students often have a hard time finding topics on it for research papers. Therefore the specialists of Assignment Help UK have come forward with some of them.

  1. A study on the ethics of pediatric care
  2. Medicine practices in adolescents
  3. Role of nurses in the healing of wounds and quick recuperation
  4. Maternal & Neonatal practices in countryside areas
  5. An evaluation of childbirth efficacy
  6. Critical care needs from the perspectives of nurses
  7. 9. An investigation of neonatal  practices in the modern age
  8. A study on the morals to deal with psychiatric patients

Hopefully, the above-mentioned topics on diverse HND programs will help you to get started with your research paper and aim for academic excellence.

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