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Our CIPD Assignment Writers got an assignment which was based on the factors that are related to the factors of employee voice and engagement, well our CIPD Assignment Writers have shown great strategies to tackle the task. Here’s a glance at the assignment. 

Section 1

AC 1.1 Review of recent improvements in employee involvement and voice

The use of several strategies can assist the company in improving the elements connected to employee engagement and employee voice. The firm will be able to assess many elements and learn more about the needs of the workforce with the aid of direct communication. Therefore, it can be concluded that including an effective communication strategy will enable the firm in assessing the variables related to employee voice.

The efficient use of digital technology will help to keep an open line of communication, which will aid the organisation in building strong bonds with its staff. As a result, it will help the company association to resolve a variety of problems relating to employee engagement and performance difficulties. It will be able to keep in continual communication with the staff thanks to the deployment of the digitised communication strategy. As a result, it will assist in resolving various problems relating to the organisation’s operational aspects.

AC 1.2 Employee involvement and employee participation differ from one another

Employee involvement allows the employee to take part in the organisational decision-making processes, which is the main distinction between it and employee participation. Only aspects of employee participation that are connected to work-related activities are considered. Employee involvement aids in the analysis of the corporate organisation’s goals. The goal of employee engagement is to improve working performance in order to help the firm achieve its targeted business objectives.

Method of fostering relationships

The growth of the relationship between employees and the management team of a commercial organisation is supported by the effective communication method. Analysing the employees’ strengths and flaws will also be helpful. The factors that are related to the employee connection can be improved by acknowledging the positive parts of the other employees’ work. Providing support to the staff members aids in improving the relationship you have with them.

AC 1.3 Evaluation of the tools for employee voice

One of the key elements that help a company organisation to address various organisational problems is employee voice. One of the essential components of employee voice is the participation of the workforce. The following employee voice tools might aid a company organisation in enhancing the elements linked to employee engagement. One of the key elements of employee engagement is surveys and polling. It encourages knowing the workers’ perspectives on particular association decision-making facets. Therefore, using forums, suggestion boxes, direct meetings, and nominating staff representatives can all be regarded as useful employee voice tools.

Methods to increase employee engagement

One of the best methods for promoting improvement in the elements related to employee engagement is thought to be the perfect communication technique. The development of the employees’ working performance is also aided by communicating the objectives to them. The right monitoring and training strategy helps a company organisation enhance the elements that affect customer engagement. The practice of rewarding employees is regarded as another successful strategy for fostering employee engagement in the trading industry.

AC 1.4 employee voice and organisational performance are correlated

A business organisation’s ability to effectively involve employee voice in decision-making helps the employees feel important and helps the company build a trustworthy rapport with them. The employee voice features help to understand what the employees think. As a result, it influences the employees’ working aspects and helps the employees feel valued. As a result, it encourages analysis of the organisation’s operational aspects’ strengths and weaknesses. That also has a favourable effect on the company’s productivity aspects; as a consequence, it aids in the improvement of the financial development elements of the organisation. The engagement of the ideal employee voice helps the workers increase their level of job satisfaction, which motivates them to improve certain parts of their performance.

AC 1.5 Idea of leading better working lives

The work-life can be improved while keeping certain elements like the employees’ need for breaks during the workday. Employees that are self-compassionate will continue to have better work lives. 

Section 2

Legislative guidelines for unjust dismissal based on misconduct and capacity difficulties

When a company organisation fails to give the proper reason for terminating an employee, it creates an unfair dismissal problem; other difficulties that are related to unfair dismissal problems may also result. The Employment Act of 2002, Section 98A, states that a business organisation’s dismissal and disciplinary procedures must maintain some fundamental elements, such as the organisation’s obligation to uphold any agreements that it has made in writing with the employee. The management team of the company organisation is required by law to give an employee an extension of time to address a contentious problem before the firm can fire them.

Principal causes of employee complaints

The characteristics of employee complaints may be influenced by a variety of circumstances; the next section will give a brief explanation of the problematic issue. Employee complaints may experience issues as a result of poor bonus and compensation characteristics.

Another reason for employee complaints is the unfavourable working conditions, unsuitable workplace culture, and unfavourable working environment.


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