Academic Writing For International Students Of Business And Economics

Academic writing is focused, organised, brief, and supported by evidence. Its goal is to make the reader’s comprehension easier. Although it has a formal tone and style, it is not difficult to understand and doesn’t need for the use of lengthy sentences or sophisticated language. 

Writing for academic purposes should present a reasoned argument from a neutral perspective. Language that is emotive, provocative, or otherwise biassed is avoided in academic writing. Whether or whether you personally concur with a point of view, it must be accurately and impartially stated in your paper.

Descriptive, analytical, persuasive, and critical writing are the four primary categories of academic writing. Each of these writing styles has unique linguistic characteristics and objectives. You will need to employ more than one kind in many academic texts.

Academic disciplines use academic writing as a tool for knowledge production, codification, transmission, evaluation, renovation, teaching, and learning. Writing in an academic style is crucial for academic performance and is required for discipline learning.

Now, when it comes to Academic writing for Business, it can be described as a sort of writing utilised in a professional context. It is an intentional piece of writing that effectively, succinctly, and clearly informs the reader of pertinent information, and economics academic writing strives to persuade readers and contribute to the literature. It usually responds to earlier research by enhancing an existing model or technique, using richer data, or posing new questions. It is cumulative in nature.

Here are a few brief descriptions of the writing styles you can find in your academic writing assignments for business and economics:

  • Business correspondence in general
  • A research paper
  • Advertising Copy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Analysis of a case study
  • Enterprise Plan
  • Utilizing PowerPoint
  • Demand, supply and equilibrium in the economy
  • Product theory
  • Capital Intensive market
  • Labour intensive market
  • Types of Economies
  • Types of markets
  • Financial Institutions and Regulation of Money
  • Allocation of Resources etc.

Some steps to write Academic paper for business and economics:

  • Come up with concepts and start to arrange your thoughts;
  • When drafting, concentrate on the content rather than the syntax and punctuation as you put your ideas into sentences and paragraphs;
  • When revising, keep an impartial perspective, arrange your ideas, pay attention to transitions, think clearly, and put together logical arguments;
  • Check your writing for typographical, spelling, and other problems during proofreading.

Students in Business and Economics academic programmes frequently have to write business case reports, which can be difficult for both native and non-native speakers of the English language. The number of students enrolled in degree programmes linked to business has increased significantly around the world in recent years, in keeping with the predominating social, economic, and political emphasis on management and business. Within the specific context of the UK, the number of students pursuing business-related degrees increased noticeably, serving as an example of this global development.

If you are still a student or a learner who has not yet mastered the principles and process of writing academic papers in Business and/or Economics, producing an Economics or Business essay would be very challenging. This is so because prose, rather than mathematics or tables, makes up the majority of economics and business studies, especially empirical papers. Students studying Economics and Business at colleges all across the world will eventually be expected to write Economics or Business related articles.

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