7 Best steps in writing an academic research paper

It is needless to say that writing academic papers is the most challenging task for students. Whether it is a research paper on law or management, students always feel the pressure of writing them because they need to be spot-on. There is no room for errors or presentation of wrong facts. Professors also scrutinise the quality of the content written and check the overall presentation and formatting and give the grades according to them.  Thus, what are the secrets of writing a high-quality academic research paper? Here are 7 valuable steps put forward by the specialists of ATHE Diploma Assignment Help.

Step 1: Get acquainted with the assignment and set the schedule

At first, you need to understand the topic assigned to you. Many students make the blunder of starting a research paper without understanding it. After becoming familiar with the topic, understand the guidelines. For instance, 

•What is the length of the paper (pages, number of words)?

• The kind of reference chosen by the professor. The prominently used citation styles in research papers are MLA (Modern Languages Association) system, the APA (American Psychological Association) system, the Harvard system, the Adapted Harvard, and the MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) system.

• Amount and kinds of sources that are acceptable (websites, books, journals, articles)

• Structuring particulars (footnotes, subtitles, heading, double-spacing)

• Set a timetable as per the deadline of the task to make sure it gets completed within it. (Day-by-day, week-by-week)

Step 2:  Start the research

In the next step, begin your in-depth research on the topic. This is an integral step and your success depends highly on it. Make sure you use a wide assortment of sources (Internet, books, journals, video, interviews, etc.) Many students due to lack of time are unable to focus on it and try to wrap up things quickly which has a significant impact on the overall quality of the paper. In this way, they end up scoring poor grades. However, many students are prompted to take the CIPD Assignment Help services which is a smart choice. Hiring certified writers is the best way to grab a top grade without working hard on it. They will produce high-quality papers with zero traces of plagiarism within the deadline.

Step 3: Put the information together 

It’s important to be methodical in your approach and bring the compilation of books, articles, journals and other sources you intend to use in your research. Thus, before starting to draft, you need to put the data together including the figures, tables, graphs, and statistics. If you’re struggling to do it, opt for the Diploma Assignment Help services where experts will work on your assignment.

Step 4: Form the thesis

In this step, you have to convey your own opinion, argument, or proclamation. As a researcher, you’ve to present a strong thesis which backs up the explanations and points you want to prove.

Step 5: Prepare an outline of the task

Constructing an outline is really about formatting your paper. Don’t be too standard, but it can be obliging to follow patterns and guides. An outline of a research paper should have a general structure like 

Introduction (Thesis Statement)

• Main heading/idea of paragraph #1

• Supporting detail 1

• Supporting detail 2

• Supporting detail 3

• Main heading/idea of paragraph #2

• Supporting detail 1

• Supporting detail 2

• Supporting detail 3

• Main heading/idea of paragraph #3

• Supporting detail 1

• Supporting detail 2

• Supporting detail 3

• Conclusion

Step 6: Begin writing

Make sure you write in the right tone which has to be formal and professional. Your research should voice your opinion and not just include information that you’ve gathered from online and offline sources. Using perfect grammar and 100% unique content is essential.  Hire the experts of CIPD Assignment Help if you lack the writing skills or have other commitments.

Step 7: Leave time for proofreading

All your hard work of researching and writing will be wasted if you don’t proofread the paper in the end. Review the format, organization, language, and length. Carry out the amendments and rectifications wherever necessary and eliminate the errors. It’s important to keep some time aside for proofreading as you would surely not want to do the whole task in a jiffy with the deadline approaching fast. Because that will leave errors in the paper. Opt for Diploma Assignment Help services if you don’t have the time and patience to do the proofreading.

Follow the steps mentioned above to write a stellar and impeccable research paper. Become an achiever by securing the maximum grade. 

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